Founded in 1988, AAON designs and manufactures commercial HVAC equipment at facilities located in Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri.  These factories provide over 2000 jobs for American workers. AAON’s semi-custom HVAC systems have made them a world leader in creating efficient and comfortable commercial environments.
AAON has received several awards recognizing their leadership in industry innovation. For example, in 2018, AAON was recognized by ACHR News, a leading HVAC industry publication. This was for their RN Series rooftop unit. The RN Series unit won the Bronze Award for Commercial Equipment in ACHR’s Dealer Design Awards Program. In 2017 AAON’s WH Series Water-Source Heat Pump was named a Product of the Year by the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine.
AAON has also received awards for the business practices.  In 2013 the Texas-based subsidiary of AAON won the Employer Award of Excellence at the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) 17th Annual Texas Workforce Conference. This award recognizes employers for having a positive impact on their community as well as their workers.
AAON’s research and development lab is called the Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center (NAIC). Demonstrating their commitment to innovative engineering, it is a 75,000 square foot facility in Tulsa. At the NAIC, HVAC systems can be tested under extreme environmental conditions. This includes temperatures from -20F all the way up to 140F, rainfall at rates of up to 8 inches per hour, and winds up to 50 mph.
AAON is particularly known for their water-source heat pumps.  They’ve been manufacturing them for over fifteen years. AAON offers a wide range of water-source heat pumps with capacities that range from two tons all the way up to 230 tons.
The premium features of AAON’s water-source heat pumps include direct drive backward plenum fans, variable capacity compressors, and rigid polyurethane foam cabinet construction. These features improve efficiency and provide for quieter operation.