Avery Domino

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Commercial Technician

Avery has been working for Conditioned Air in 2019 as a Helper which taught him more about the trade. He made his way from helper to technician. He decided to get into the HVAC field because, “I watched Conditioned air techs work on my family’s unit, and I found the science behind it to be fascinating.”

His favorite part to his job is, “I like how we are always going from business to business never staying at the same place for more than a few days.” He said that his favorite part of being at Conditioned Air is, “how everyone is professional in their work and willing to go the extra mile for the customer.”

Avery even has a favorite service call so far, “My partner and I went to a call at a local church with one of their units not cooling. When we opened the air handler we found the coil frozen solid with ice 3 inches thick. We started the indoor fan to melt the ice and used a vacuum to suck up the excesses water for several until it was thawed.”

When Avery is not at work you can find him playing video games and reading books. Primarily he enjoys reading sci-fi and history.

Due to the fact that his dad is in the Air Force, Avery and his family have travelled all over the U.S. He was born in California, and has lived in Virginia and Huntsville the longest.

One fun fact about Avery is that if he could have a super power he would want the ability to teleport, “so I would never be stuck in traffic again.”