Chad McCormack

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Residential Technician

Chad is a Residential Service Technician here at Conditioned Air Solutions. He was born and raised in the HVAC industry. Thanks to his family’s dedication he has over 20 years in the industry. Chad will joke and tell you, “HVAC is in my DNA”.

His favorite thing about this type of work and being here at Conditioned Air is, “The overall culture. Not only do they take care of customers they take care of employees. I love to help people and fix their problem. No two scenarios are alike and the keeps the job interesting.”

Chad, being a Huntsville native, is very familiar with the HVAC needs associated with the sweltering summer and the chilly winters. Knowing how to quickly, and accurately assess a situation is imperative. “When I was pretty new to the industry I had a customer in the middle of the summer who was recently widowed and her air had been out for a couple of days. When I finished repairing her unit she gave me a big hug. I was sweaty and gross but I had made her day.” He said that was one of his most memorable customers.

You can hear him yelling “Roll Tide” during football season. On his off days he can be found doing almost anything that has to do with deer hunting.

If he could have any superpower he would enjoy having the opportunity to be invisible. Not only does he think that it would be fun to sneak up on people, but it would really help with deer hunting.