Dominique Johnson

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Executive Assistant

Dominique happened upon this position while job searching and reaching out for leads.  After much prayer and patience, she believes that God answered her prayers with this amazing opportunity!  She comes from a background in accounting.

The things Dominique enjoys most about her job are the independence and responsibility her job affords her! These are two exciting qualities that she knew she wanted in her new job.  She is also happy that there is so much to learn and do as an Executive Assistant.

Dominique says that the general tone at Conditioned Air is a happy one where teamwork and collaboration are key parts of the culture.  She observes that the people seem to be self-motivated, and dedicated to the company’s mission. This makes it easy for her to come to work and be a part of the team!
In her “spare” time, Dominique likes to organize her budget, and comparison shop for great bargains.  She can be silly, and likes to make up lemrics and rhymes such as “my high schooler is cooler; my 5th grader is a skater; my kindergartener…likes to dance!”  She was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she lived all of her life, except a year, until 2015 when she, her husband, and three children moved to the Huntsville area.  They are happy to be here, and she is happy to be at Conditioned Air!