Eugene Sims

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Lead Installer

Eugene came to Conditioned Air in 2015 and brought with him decades of valuable experience.  A friend introduced him to this line of work and it proved to be a good fit for him.

The qualities that Eugene values most about Conditioned Air speak to why it’s great for employees and customers alike.  He sees that the company “has its stuff together, has a plan,” and is better than his past employers in that management puts more of an emphasis on the quality of the work he does, rather than on how quickly he can move to the next job.

Eugene is a native of the Huntsville area and cheers for Alabama football.  He is happy when they win!  Eugene enjoys the outdoors.  He likes to go fishing, and keep his yard clean.  He’s even thinking about starting a garden soon!  


1/25/19 – Kay Z. – Our unit wasn’t working properly for heat or air and we wanted to switch to natural gas so we scheduled companies to provide quotes. Conditioned Air Solutions was the fourth quote and the only company that went under the house. Pictures were taken and options were discussed with Russ Curtis who provided a wealth of knowledge to aid our decisions. We opted for duct repair and a new system connected to natural gas. Jason Pence and Eugene Sims did an amazing job with the repair work and installation. I have never and I repeat never had service teams clean up (even brought their own broom and dust pan ) where they worked! Jason was thorough in explaining the new thermostat, and answering my questions and always explained the next steps so that I knew where we were with the installation process! Bottom line, these guys went above and beyond to provide the best service possible! I also appreciated follow up visits from Jerime and Russ just to check on how things were going! Thank you to the entire team!

1/23/19 – Kris M. – Our experience with Conditioned Air Solutions was very positive from the very first contact with Russ Curtis, Victoria, Jerime and our installers Jason and Eugene. Everyone we were in contact with was sincerely polite and professional and worked to provide the best service possible. Jason and Eugene were on time, professional, neat, and did a great job!

7/23/18 – Paul I. – Professional service and and well-trained staff.  Of 5 HVAC companies, Greg Dubroca was the only one to figure out why ours was wearing out so fast, and then worked with us to make the most effective repairs for the least cost.  Cameron and Eugene Sims worked hard to finish the job on time. We will continue using this firm.