Frankie Miller

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When Frankie was younger a friend told him about how great learning HVAC was and now 13 years later he is still working as an HVAC Installer. He is a great fit here at Conditioned Air Solutions because he always wants to make the customer happy, above everyone else.

Frankie said that CAS is a different kind of company, “It is very quiet. There is no yelling or screaming.” The favorite part of his job is all of the different places that he gets to go. He said, “It is nice to go around town, different people and different places makes the job more enjoyable.”

Born and raised in Huntsville, he can be found four wheeler riding in his off time. He also enjoys spending time with his soon to be 6 grandchildren, courtesy of his 4 wonderful daughters.

If he could be any superhero he would choose The Flame because, “who wouldn’t want to throw fire.”