Gary Brotherton

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Commercial Technician

Gary began his career with Conditioned Air Solutions in 2008 as an HVAC Installer.  Prior to that, he had a friend who was into heating and cooling and it seemed like interesting work so he decided to give it a shot.  When Conditioned Air offered to send him to school for certification, he gladly accepted and has been an HVAC Technician for us ever since.

Gary sees Conditioned Air as a good company that prides itself in producing quality work and treating its employees as family.  He appreciates that he has a really nice boss who doesn’t micromanage, but lets him do his best work.  He also enjoys being out in the field and interacting with customers.

When Gary’s not troubleshooting for customers, he can be found out fishing, having a cookout or at the zoo or park with his wife and children – who are fun to be around!  He was raised in Kentucky, but has been in the Huntsville area for most of his life. 

Gary’s favorite sports team is the Florida Gators.  He boasts of Florida’s great campus and programs, and the fact that the school gives to charity and treats its fans nice!  Gary’s favorite superhero is Jesus; so, if he could be appointed a superpower, he’d want the power to end hatred and make the world a better place!