Greg Duplechain

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Install Technician

Greg grew up in the heating and air conditioning business because his brother was a service technician who had his own business back in Louisiana. He has been helping people with their heating and air conditioning problems for us since 2012.

He loves meeting different people during his service calls and finds it the most interesting part of his job. His drive to do an excellent job every time comes from the satisfaction he gets whenever he is able to help the homeowner solve his/her air conditioning problem.

He likes working for us because we treat him well and the work environment is great. He also likes that we are an honest company who is fair with our pricing and to our employees.

One of his most memorable calls was an after hours call, close to midnight, by an elderly lady. “It was close to 20 degrees outside and by the time I got to her house the inside temperature was close to 50.” She had no family, so she had no other choice but to call us. “I got there and got her problem fixed, quickly, and her house started to warm up again for her. She was very thankful and appreciative.”

In his time off, he likes to deer hunt (when it’s in season), go fishing, camping, or hiking with his wife and their three children.

Greg is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His favorite sports team is the New Orleans Saints.

In order to improve his hunting average,  Greg would like to have the super power of invisibility. “It would certainly help to just be able to sneak up on them when I am hunting.”
7/21/19 – Laura R. – Greg was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend him and his company to any and all 

3/2/19 – Jim M. – Excellent service call with Greg Duplechain. Extremely thorough while taking the time to answer our questions…very much appreciated!

2/21/19 – Peggy C. – Have used them for over 7 yrs and recommend them highly! They were working on a neighbors home right after the 2011 and our regular ac people were unavailable. This guy came right over without knowing us, helped and said they would bill us later. Also HIGHLY recommend the Yearly Service Contract….it has saved us money!Have had Greg Duplechain a number of times and he has been VERY knowledgeable and helpful.

1/17/19 – Bob W. – Very happy with the service provided. Greg came out on time, did a great job diagnosing the issue, and fixing the exterior unit. The repair cost was fair as well. This was a good experience and I both recommend them and plan on using them if I have any issues in the future.