Jacob Pierce

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Lead Installer

Jacob has been working with Conditioned Air Solutions pretty much since its beginning. He enjoys solving problems and making things work.

He loves meeting new people on the job and feels satisfied when he leaves a customer pleased with his service. He loves to make people happy. “Conditioned Air Solutions is like family to me. We all have worked for so long together.” He also said that he enjoys how organized the company is as well as the ongoing training that is offered.

When he’s not at work, he loves hanging out with his 4 kids and riding his Harley. Something else that Jacob really enjoys is yard work. Cutting down trees and cleaning things up.

“Doing installation is so much different than doing service. My partner and I get to work with one customer a day and make them happy. It is nice to make that connection and leave them in a better position than when we got there.”

If he had a super power, he thinks it would be great to be a mind reader! “It would just be nice to know what people wanted without having to guess.”