Jason Carr

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Warehouse Manager

Jason started out as a Residential Tech with us here and is organizational skills and attention to detail got him promoted to Manager. He got into the HVAC business because a contractor had installed a unit in his home and had done it wrong. He decided that he was going to take matters into his own hands and went to school to figure out how to do it himself.

Jason has been with Conditioned Air since 2018. The “family atmosphere and the the way the managers care about my kids and family as if they were related”, makes this a special place to work.”  

Meeting new people and helping people makes Jason enjoy his job the most.  When he is not at work he can be found spending time with his wife and 6 children. He is a transplant from Tennessee but he will still pull for the Vols during football season.

If there was a super power that he could have, he would love to have the Power to Heal.