Jeremy Ewert

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Jeremy was introduced to the HVAC industry several years ago.  He had a relative and friends who did similar work and he thought it seemed interesting.  He found Conditioned Air and gave it a shot; and he was right!  Jeremy likes the work environment at Conditioned Air.  He really enjoys completing projects for customers because he gets to see things go from broken to fixed.  He also appreciates his coworkers and values the interaction he has with them. 

Jeremy’s interest in figuring out how things work is certainly satisfied by the work he does.  This is illustrated by a story that he recalls of a time that he was able to make a customer very happy.  This particular customer spent a lot of money trying to fix a problem with his HVAC unit.  When the customer finally called Conditioned Air, Jeremy was dispatched and he figured out the problem in 20 minutes!  He made the repairs; the customer was relieved, and all was well.

After having relatives who attended the school, and since falling in love with the campus, Jeremy is an Auburn fan for life!  He is a local guy who likes to ride dirt bikes and tinker with things in the garage.  Jeremy is married to the love of his life and has a little boy.

If Jeremy could be a superhero, he’d be Flash because he’s like the ability to run fast, and be wherever he wanted to be in the blink of an eye!