Jeremy Ewert

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Residential Field Supervisor

Jeremy came to Conditioned Air in 2014.  He had a relative and friends who did similar work and he thought it seemed interesting.  He found Conditioned Air and gave it a shot; and he was right!  Jeremy likes the work environment at Conditioned Air.  He really enjoys completing projects for customers because he gets to see things go from broken to fixed.  He also appreciates his coworkers and values the interaction he has with them. 

Jeremy’s interest in figuring out how things work is certainly satisfied by the work he does.  This is illustrated by a story that he recalls of a time that he was able to make a customer very happy.  This particular customer spent a lot of money trying to fix a problem with his HVAC unit.  When the customer finally called Conditioned Air, Jeremy was dispatched and he figured out the problem in 20 minutes!  He made the repairs; the customer was relieved, and all was well.

After having relatives who attended the school, and since falling in love with the campus, Jeremy is an Auburn fan for life!  He is a local guy who likes to ride dirt bikes and tinker with things in the garage.  Jeremy is married to the love of his life and has a little boy.

If Jeremy could be a superhero, he’d be Flash because he’s like the ability to run fast, and be wherever he wanted to be in the blink of an eye!


12/12/19 – John D. – Conditioned Air Solutions fixed my furnace in a few hour when several other contractors couldn’t fix it in a month, Thank you Jeremy Ewert for the great job you did. It’s great to have heat again!

11/22/19 – Katherine I. – Conditioned Air just replaced our complete HVAC system with Two Daikin Units! We’ve been struggling for several years with mold issues and AC inconsistencies in house and now things area 100% better! Great product, excellent home analysis, friendly and very competent technicians and service. Thanks to the team of Greg Dubroca, Greg Major, James Hardin, Jeremy Ewert and Alex Thornton for the outstanding job from start to finish! Thank you all!

2/27/19 – Patrick G. – We’ve been with Conditioned Air Solutions over 10 years. Today Jeremy performed our bi-annual service in the usual professional manner we’ve grown accustomed to with CAS. From installation of our original equipment to quick response on a system breakdown, we have been very happy with CAS. One of the prime reasons we would not consider changing our service contract is because of the excellent service we’ve received from technicians like Jeremy.

1/24/19 – Robin B. – We are always happy with the services provided by Conditioned Air Solutions! Jeremy Ewert was our service technician. He was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Thanks for a great job!


1/11/19 – Harry S. – My wife and I changed to Conditioned Air Solutions several years ago when we had to have all of the duct work under our house replaced. From the get go, they were professional in every phase of the project. 

About a year ago, we met one of their repair technicians, Jeremy Ewert. First of all, he is just a fine young man. Polite, great personality and just an all around nice young man. As far as his ability to diagnose and repair our dual fuel American Standard unit, he is the best. We have been in our house (we built it) for 23 years now. We have had many different people repair it but Jeremy will be the last we have. He has always done what he said he would do, regardless of the time of day, weekend or holiday. If more companies could find the Jeremy’s of the world, there service department would be top notch. 

1/10/19 – Casey B. – It would be my that my AC unit would act up with this cold spell hitting us this week. Called Condition Air Solutions and they came out the next day to get us back up and running. A sweet young man named Jeremy took such great care of us. He got our problem fixed and hooked us up with some much needed yearly maintenance. Jeremy was professional and detailed in the service call and I would recommend not only this company but this young man that took care of us. Thanks Jeremy for putting us back in the heat

1/10/19 – Linda K. – Their’s was the 2nd estimate I got. Even though it was more than the 1st estimate, I ended up hiring them because of the level of detail and professionalism I felt after talking with Greg Dubroca, the original consultant who provided the estimate. At every level, from Victoria in the office answering my questions, to Matt Blackwood who did design work, to Greg Major and Cameron Sims who did the installation, to Jeremy Ewert who performed the followup checks on the new ductwork. I would definitely recommend them.

11/28/18 – Carol C. – When I called, they came out really quick. Jeremy and Drew were very knowledgeable and polite–telling me what the problem was and showing me photos of the parts that were “sick.” I was very impressed with them. Then today, Russ came out to talk to us about our options, the cost, and details about safety. I could go on and on about these men and this company!!! I have 100% confidence in this company and know that the job will be done right! I will never use any other company again!


4/29/18 – David B. – Jason serviced our A/C units today. Jason was on time, very polite and did a thorough job. Jason took the time to point out and correct items that should have been performed in the past. This is why I highly recommend Jason and Conditioned Air Solutions for A/C service or repairs. 

I called several service companies in the local area about getting a tankless water heater flushed. Most said they either didn’t want to attempt the flush or were “unsure” when a tech might be able to get to the job. I called Conditioned Air Solutions looking for a reference at which point I learned they provide the very service I was looking for. Jeremy arrived on time with all the necessary supplies to perform the flush. Jeremy took the time to explain to me the process and what to expect from the service. I had my doubts that this flush could correct the many problems the tankless water heater was having. Jeremy did a thorough job, including the flush, checking the exhaust ductwork and verifying unit performance. Since the service, the tankless water heater has once again been able to keep up with 2 showers and a washing machine all at the same time.

3/1/18 – Jason M. – All I have to say about this company is 5 stars for customer service, 5 stars for courtesy call before appointment and 5 stars for Jeremy, he was a great technician, very knowledgeable, very friendly, and the one thing that stood out for me was he cared about me and my family’s well being, safety and overall condition of my HVAC. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an HVAC company. Great work Jeremy and thanks for all your help.