Kiley Salmon

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Marketing Director

Kiley began her marketing career working for nonprofits as a teenager. She loves to help companies expand, and get more people interested in what they have to offer. It’s something that always fit with her and, since 2016, Kiley has been doing this for Conditioned Air!

Kiley thinks that the people and the atmosphere at Conditioned Air are amazing! Each person is always looking for some way to make the experience between us and the customer more personal, and more efficient.  In addition to her coworkers being customer motivated, Kiley loves how much technology comes into play in every aspect of her job. She recognizes technology as a time and money saver – not only for the business, but for the customer as well.

When she’s not adding posts to our social media sites or highlighting employees on our website, Kiley loves spending time with her husband children. Whether it is at the lake, Disney World or just hanging out watching movies; anything she can do with them to make memories makes her happy. Kiley also likes to read, and volunteer with soldier and veteran groups. She is also a published author! 

Kiley’s lived in the Huntsville area all her life, and shares herself with her husband Michael her five wonderful children, and several pets.  They all cheer for Alabama – Roll Tide -, since her family has a long history of cousins and uncles that have played for UA as far back as Bear Bryant.  She and her family love fostering animals, though they have ended up as foster failures a few times.

Kiley thoroughly believes that “each day needs to end with a semicolon, not a period.”  And, if Kiley had a superpower, she would wish for the ability to make everyone optimistic! She knows that life is too short not to see a chance to move forward and learn from each day and every situation. A fun fact about Kiley is that her favorite snack food is peanut M&M’s.