Kyle Jones

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General Manager

Kyle has been at CAS since 2014. He loves anything mechanically involved – cars, motors, electrical, and that’s why after high school, he went to a training school for this.

Kyle became our Residential Service Manager after many years as a technician. He showed himself as a great asset to the company and his values and integrity aligned with what a team manager should be.

He is very dedicated to the customers because he loves doing a good job for them and feels satisfied when he solves their problem. In fact, he remembers a particular situation when a customer’s house was oversized by a previous HVAC company and there were problems in the house happening because of this. He made some duct modification to make the large system work without changing out the unit, saving the customer over $8000. Now, that’s what you call great customer service!

In his time off, he likes doing anything outdoors – fishing, altering vehicles, and any kind of sports, though he loves football the most. His favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. He was raised in Colorado but has lived in Huntsville for most of his life. If he had a super power, he’d like to have super strength like the Hulk!