Lupe Moreno

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Business Development Manager

Lupe has been doing HVAC work since 1984. He got his start while serving in the Special Forces in the Army. “I went to school on the GI Bill and started HVAC night school to learn a good trade.”

He has been an employee here at Conditioned Air Solutions for a total of 9 years. Lupe said what keeps him here is the “the personnel, and the management team. I like the work we do and how we do it. If we don’t have it right, or something isn’t right we make it right. Integrity is important to me.”

When asked what his favorite part of the job is he said, “Interacting with the customers. Solving problems and giving them options.”

Lupe’s favorite job that he has done was for SAIC. “We upgraded water source heat pumps so that the building could be more efficient, with less down town, less repairs.”

Born and raised in Weslaco, Texas, Lupe moved to Huntsville in 1969. He is happily married and has 1 son, 3 daughters, and 9 grandchildren; 2 girls and 7 boys. His favorite thing to do when he is not at work is to watch his grandkids play sports. He also enjoys taking photos of the grandkids.

When it comes to choosing a sports team, his favorite depends on which grandchild he is watching. He also enjoys Alabama and Auburn since his kids went to both.

If he could choose to be any superhero, he would choose to be the Invisible Man. “Who wouldn’t want to be incognito, and have the element of surprise.”