Maurice Johnson

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Commercial Technician

Maurice has been a commercial maintenance technician here since 2016. He actually set out, years ago, to be a plumber. The funny thing is that the trade school that Maurice attended did not offer plumbing, so he decided to try HVAC.  It turns out that he liked it!

“Each day”, he says, “the guys make it interesting to come to work. I like to see the different types of HVAC units. You do the same thing in different locations, not being stagnant. I enjoy going all over the county.”

Born and raised in Huntsville, Maurice does not have a favorite sports team, but he does enjoy watching sports. He is married and has twins, a boy and girl, and an older son.

If he could have any superpower, he would want to be a Mind Reader. “Being a mind reader would cut down on a lot of guessing and wasted time.”