Nicole Mason

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Call Center Manager

Nicole joined Conditioned Air Solutions in 2015 and has proven herself a valuable asset. She always puts the customer first and does everything she can to make sure that customers have the best experience possible. Her attitude and the way she treats customers is the reason she got promoted to Call Center Manager in 2022. 

Nicole sites the most interesting part of her job as getting to communicate with our customers. Whether they are calling in to schedule maintenance, or to report a problem with their unit, all calls are unique and need to be handled differently. She enjoys talking with our customers and getting to know them so she can properly address their concerns, and meet their needs!

The thing that Nicole likes most about working at Conditioned Air is that everyone is so nice and outgoing. “We are one big family,” she says. 

Nicole loves to spend time with her family when she is not at work. They like taking short trips when they can. She also likes gardening, playing with her animals, and listening to music.