Sarah Stokes

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Sarah joined Conditioned Air in June of 2020 as an Executive Assistant.

Her background is in Marketing and Sales. In the past she has worked as an Inside Sales Assistant helping Outside Sales be successful. She looks forward to continuing to help CAS be successful and grow as well. She loves that there are so many areas to learn and grow in. After only a short time she enjoys the flexibility being here gives and the opportunities it provides. 

When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters and reading a good book when she has a few minutes! She grew up here in Huntsville and she currently lives in Mobile. 

When it comes to sports she says, “my husband and I are Troy University graduates so we always cheer for the Trojans! I grew up in a household of Vols fans and married an Ole Miss fan.”

Her favorite snack foods are Pretzels, apples and peanut butter!