Todd Murry

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Todd is a great asset here at Conditioned Air.  He has been in the customer service field for over a decade and we are so thankful that he has landed here. Todd has an amazing ability to talk to customers and make them comfortable with what is going on with their HVAC. Back in 2007 Todd started working for us but soon found out that there were other things that he wanted to try. We are glad that he has made his way back. 

When asked why he enjoys working here he said, “The people that work here, makes CAS a special place to work” 

Born in Birmingham, Alabama when Todd is not at work he enjoys fishing and being with his son. He grew up in Seattle and recently came back to Huntsville. He has family in Nashville and Boone, NC. As far as having a hero, hands down it is his father. If Todd could have any superpower he would love to be forever young and not age.