Tony Taylor

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Tony has all the right skills to keep our customers happy!  He began his journey years ago when his brother introduced him to HVAC.  He thought he’d give it a go and has been “going” ever since!  

One of the reasons Tony enjoys working for Conditioned Air is that the people are nice.  It must be true as he’s been here since 2015!  He also enjoys the variety of his service calls, and the continued learning opportunities available to him here.

Tony is from the Huntsville area and shares his life with his wife and children, whom he is very proud to have.  When he’s not working with commercial customers for Conditioned Air, Tony likes to fish.  He doesn’t have a particular catch; anything that’ll bite his hook will do!  He also likes to work on tractors in his spare time.
Tony is just an all-around nice fellow!  And, if he could be a superhero, he’d be Jesus Christ!