Tully Webster

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Commercial Service

Tully has been doing HVAC work since around 2003. He was laid off from Ford Motor Co and then hired at an HVAC-R company maintaining their fleet of trucks. Tully started helping installers and technicians which helped him learn the trade and he left the Diesel life behind. He loves HVAC work because you “never know where you will be or what you will be working on. I enjoy meeting new people and the challenges of the job.” He enjoys CAS because of the brotherhood between everyone! When he is not at work he likes to spend time with his wife and kids, ride four wheelers, work in his shop woodworking or working on tractors. Tully was born and raised in Huntsville. He is married with a son and a daughter. In the fall you can hear him yelling “Roll Tide!”. His favorite snack food is Peanut M&M’s. Tully is a great addition to the CAS team!