Reason #10 – We’ll call you back.

Don’t you hate it when a contractor won’t return your call? If they are like that before the sale, imagine how they are going to be when you need them to come back and fix something. We’ll get back to you every time. And quickly too.

Reason #9 – We don’t lock you in.

We believe we should earn your business every day, not trap you with contracts with lots of fine print. Our residential maintenance plans are not contracts – if you are ever not happy for any reason, you don’t have to pay. Any of our commercial maintenance contracts can be canceled on 30 days notice. We believe that if we don’t perform day in and day out, our customers should be free to find a better contractor. That keeps us on our toes and ensures you get great service!

Reason #8 – We’re not pushy.

We want your business for the rest of your life so we’re not so concerned about selling you something today.  We’ll give you all of your options, up front.

Reason #7 – We love to answer questions.

Our sales staff and our technicians are happy to spend all the time you need to be comfortable with your project or repair. We’re glad to explain everything in detail so you know you are getting a great job.

Reason #6 – We want your feedback.

One way to tell if a business is serious about improving their service is whether they appear to want you to give them feedback. We love your feedback and go out of our way to get it.

Reason #5 – Up front pricing.

With us, you know the cost *before* we start work.   We want you to know what you’ll pay *up front*, not after we’re half done.  When you schedule a service call, your only commitment is to our diagnostic fee.  Our technicians will not only figure out your problem, but also what caused it, then give you an exact price to fix it.  You can then make an intelligent decision on your best choice.

Reason #4 – We’re set up for service.

Our primary business is service – not new construction or product sales. We’ve got plenty of trained technicians so we can get to your problem quickly.

Reason #3 – We sweat the details.

Perry Paxton said “Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” We think he was right on, and that’s how we do business. Not that we don’t make mistakes, but our detailed work processes keep them to a minimum. And when we do make one, we admit to it, and we fix it.

Reason #2 – We don’t jack you around on price.

We price all of our jobs so that you get a good deal on a high quality job and we get a fair profit. When we give you a price, that’s it – we don’t jack it up in anticipation of you trying to negotiate us down. And our price includes everything – we don’t believe in selling you a car and then trying to charge you extra for the steering wheel.

Reason #1 – We’re a legitimate company.

We do the job right, without cutting corners. We are fully covered with liability and worker’s comp insurance. We do all of our work to code and then some. We train our technicians and make sure they have the best trucks, tools and parts. We pay our employees well and give them great benefits. We’re here for you today and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.