Company History

Adams Manufacturing makes gas and oil furnaces for home and commercial purposes.  These furnaces can be adapted for use as air conditioning units for central air. Adams is a privately owned company located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Adams was founded in 1945 by Sidney Schonberger and remains a family-owned business. Initially the company only produced gas conversion burners, but began to develop new products and acquisitions in 1964.  

In 1984, Adams purchased Humidaire and now manufactures a line of humidifiers still under the Humidaire name.  In 1986, Adams purchased INTERburner assets from Sloan Valve Company. It acquired Magic Chef’s gas-fired heater business in 1988 and this led to an expansion of their production facilities.  This allowed Adams to accommodate the newly purchased Dornback Furnace and Foundry Company. Adams went on to add the Uni-Pak low profile gas heaters to their acquisitions as well as the Sunheat low and high-intensity infrared heaters.

Adams was awarded a grant in 2003 from the National Oil Research Alliance to develop a high-efficiency oil-fired furnace. Adams now manufactures a condensing oil-fired unit heater with efficiencies as high as 99 percent.

Products and Warranties

Adams Manufacturing produces four series of high-efficiency oil and gas furnaces: highboy, horizontal, lowboy and counterflow. Units range from 90,000 to 1 million BTU/H. These units can be adapted to provide air conditioning in the warmer months.  Also available is a 95-percent efficient condensing oil-fired furnace with an output of 50,000 to 250,000 BTU. This is often referred to by the company as “the world’s most efficient furnace.” This high efficiency furnace is also offered in cooling capacities from 2.5 to 10 tons.  

The company also offers what it calls “the world’s most efficient furnace.” This 95-percent efficient condensing oil-fired furnace has an output of 50,000 through 250,000 BTU and is available in cooling capacities from 2.5 to 10 tons.

Adams Manufacturing offers a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and condensing coil with a 5-year warranty on additional parts for the condensing oil-fired furnaces.