Addison HVAC has been specializing in cooling and dehumidification systems for commercial and industrial settings since the 1950s.  Addison has more than 65 years of experience in being able to meet the ventilation needs of most customers’ building requirements, while offering a variety of options that will be energy efficient.  Addison can customize various products to deliver ventilation to meet industry standards and codes while maximizing high levels of indoor air quality.  

Addison offers multiple options for heating, including gas, electric, hot water and steam.  Variable speed fan motors, environmentally friendly refrigerant, and controller platforms using Automated Logic Controls are just a few of the products Addison provides to customers.  

Addison’s packaged rooftop systems are designed to keep indoor work environments comfortable while conforming to building construction guidelines.  These systems are available for both light commercial and commercial configurations. Addison will work with the customer to ensure that features and functions not needed are not factored into the product.  This cost-saving feature is one way they focus on the satisfaction of the consumer.  

Addison also offers heat pumps for buildings in moderate climates.  Their heat pumps are designed to maintain quality indoor air and temperature regardless of the season.  The heat pump is an efficient way to heat and cool as it is a single piece of equipment. Addison works with the customer to find the correct equipment specifications that will efficiently suit the dimensions of the building.  

Vertical Water Packages are feasible alternative to heat pumps for multi-storied buildings.  Vertical self-contained water packages are smaller in size than traditional units and are installed on each floor of the building resulting in efficient heating and cooling with a single piece of equipment.  

Addison Split Systems are cooling only systems that are made up of two components:  an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handling unit. Split systems are more energy efficient and the duct work can be less extensive and provide a more direct delivery. 

Finally, Addison offers controllers by OEM Control, a division of Automated Logic Controller (ALC). These controllers can be programmed to provide many different air distribution protocols and seamlessly connect all the various heating and cooling systems.  

Addison wants to ensure that their customers receive the very best products, expertise and experience in the business.  They offer air conditioning systems that provide reliability and efficiency while keeping the customers needs front and center.