Aerocool evaporative coolers are produced by Phoenix Manufacturing. This is an Arizona-based company that’s been in the evaporative cooling business since 1975. Phoenix Manufacturing designs, manufactures, and distributes its HVAC products for industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

Phoenix Manufacturing aims to produce the highest quality products with innovative designs. It also takes advantage of all the energy-saving benefits of evaporative cooling. Their latest push is to build mobile products that can be used in places where cooling might not otherwise be available.
Aerocool’s residential products come in two lines: Aerocool Series and Aerocool Pro Series. The Aerocool Series emphasizes longevity and low maintenance, aiming for high durability and reliability.
Aerocool Series air coolers have a tough plastic shield lining their wet module. This protects them from corrosion. And they offer a choice of 8”, 12”, or 4×4 rigid media. It allows homeowners to select the media that fits their budget while also offering high efficiency options.
Aerocool Series air coolers also have their trademarked MIRROSCOPIC Blower Shaft Finishing. This increases the lifespan of the cooler and reduces operation noise.
The Aerocool Pro Series features enhanced efficiency and performance, thanks to its programmable thermostat, 4×4 high efficiency rigid media, and Pro-Clean System. This system avoids scale build-up by automatically draining and refilling the cooler. This process of draining and washing saves up to 3000 gallons of water each month compared to alternative systems.
Also available with the Pro Series is the Pro-Shield. This weatherizing panel keeps cold air out of your home during the cooler months of the year. Because it protects the media inside the equipment, the Pro-Shield also increases the lifespan of the cooler.
Aerocool’s commercial series of coolers can be used in agricultural, industrial, institutional, or commercial facilities. Their rigid media fan commercial coolers for large spaces can even increase energy efficiency by up to 70%.