Basic UV: UV Light for Surface Germs

This is the solution for concerns about growth on the evaporator coil of your heat and air system. Ultraviolet light kills what the light touches, which is a good treatment for organic growth on coils. We usually install a basic UV light so that the light shines directly on the coil.

A lot of companies are making big claims about UV light. You must be informed about the different types of UV light. The most basic form of UV light kills germs on surfaces exposed to the light.  It takes a more powerful UVC to do more than that. This link does a pretty good job talking about what basic UV light can and can’t do:


Advanced UVC: UVC Germicidal Light for Organic Disinfection


A UVC light has a shorter and more powerful wavelength, which is lethal to bacteria and viruses.  We like the dual bulb kit, which allows us to install a light on BOTH sides of the coil.  This does a better job of exposing more air to the UVC light and killing the organic particles that pass through the light. UVC needs extended contact with the air to kill organisms.

TVA is backing the effectiveness of UVC Light for Commercial Applications. The same benefits apply at home. Read what TVA has to say about UVC Light:


Pretty Darn Good: Media Air Filtration for Allergens

Electronic filters charge the air as it passes through the filter and the filter catches the charged particles. The size of the particles and what kind vary by type of filter. Most electronic air filters won’t catch all viruses and bacteria—many of them are super tiny.  But electronic filters do a fantastic job removing allergens, dust, pet dander and some viruses and bacteria. If you are mostly concerned about allergies or asthma, then an electronic air filter is the best option for your home. These media filters are installed inside your duct system to retain maximum air flow. Please don’t try to achieve these results  with a thick “allergy” filter commonly available at big box stores. Those filters restrict air flow and cause systems to seize up—we see it nearly every day we recommend two options.

Aprilaire 1210Purifier
Aprilaire 5000 filters smaller particles (which are the more potent viruses and allergens).                                                                                                          
There are MANY air filters and purifiers on the market. Some work better than others and are easier to maintain.  Maintenance is a key issue, you WILL need to change your filters about every 12 to 18 months. We like the line Aprilaire filters and air purifiers because of how well they install in most customers’ systems.  If you want to know more about the Aprilaire products, here’s a link to their purifiers section. We tend to go with the 1210 and 5000 filters, but we can get anything in the product line.  When installing new Daikin systems, we also like to use the Daikin line of products.


Super Science in Your Home: Plasma Generator for Smells & Viruses

Generates ions to break apart chemical bonds to neutralize all viruses, bacteria, VOCs, molds, fungus and spores. Also does a really good job clearing odors from the home. Ions are pushed out into the air of your home which is effective at improving the air quality throughout your home. This product has no maintenance, no filters or bulbs to change and really works—it’s super cool science in your home!  NOTE: This product does not “filter” the air, it uses ions to break the chemical bonds of particles and make them inactive. If your budget only allows for one product, this is the one we recommend, the Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator.

We install the R-6 Phenomenal Aire Plasma Generator for residential applications. We’ve also installed quite a few series C in Commercial Applications. Read more about how it works from the company that designed it.

It’s super powerful to combine any or all of these products to achieve clean air in your home! Ask your technician about a power bundle discount!


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