Airquest is a brand of HVAC products manufactured by International Comfort Products (ICP).  ICP is a division of United Technologies Corporation.  Airquest features gas and oil furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and ductless systems, thermostats, fan coils, evaporator coils and packaged systems.  

Airquest offers two lines of air conditioners:  the Ion™ System which is their premium line and the Performance series which is their economy line.  The Ion™ System is available in 15, 16, 17 and 19 SEER with variable speed, two speed and central options.  All are compatible with the Ion™ System Wi-Fi Control remote access.  These provide the ultimate home comfort experience with minimal noise level and high efficiency.  Warranties vary from 3 year to 10 year on parts and labor.  

The Performance Series air conditioners are offered in 13 SEER up to 17 SEER and single and two-stage scroll compressors.  The Performance 14 Coastal Design is ideal for salty air climates with corrosion protections.  The Performance 14 Compact Central unit is ideal for multi-family homes or properties with limited lot lines.  As the name implies, these units are built for high performance with budget constraints in mind.  

The Airquest furnaces come in a variety of options for gas or for oil.  The Ion™ System Gas Furnaces options all feature variable speed blower motors and come in 98% AFUE, 80% AFUE and 96% AFUE.  The Ion™ 80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace is specifically designed for usage in California and meets the low NOx emissions standards.  

The QuietComfort® Series gas furnace features 96% AFUE and can be operated with a heat pump for dual fuel capabilities. The Performance Series provides systems that are single-stage with high efficiency and low costs with 80-95% AFUE.  

The QuietComfort® Series and the Performance Series oil furnaces come in standard sizes and low boy for tight spaces.  Both series are ultra-quiet and operate with high efficiency.  The Performance Series is designed with budget in mind.  

Airquest heat pumps, as with the other products, come in one of two lines:  The Ion™ System Heat Pump and the Performance Series.  The premium heat pumps offer up to 19 SEER and 11 HSPF and can be paired with a furnace for dual fuel usage as well as the Ion™ System Control with Wi-Fi® capability.  The Performance Series heat pumps range from 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF up to 17.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF.  These can also be paired with a furnace for dual fuel capabilities.  

The ductless systems come in a variety of options depending upon the heating and cooling needs of the location. The Deluxe Series provides the most efficiency with the flexibility of single or multi-zone options.  With variable speed compressors, these units can achieve up to 40 SEER ratings. The QuietComfort® Series has ratings up to 24.7 SEER and 11 HSPF heating with the choice of high wall indoor unit or console indoor unit.  

The Performance Series ductless heat pump systems cools up to 17.6 SEER and heats up to 10.6 HSPF.  The Performance ductless air conditioner cools up to 17 SEER.  Both are paired with an indoor high wall unit.  

The QuietComfort® Light Commercial Series ductless heat pump is rated up to 17.4 SEER and 10.5 HSPF and can be paired with a ducted indoor unit or an indoor cassette unit.  

Airquest fan coils assist your outdoor unit by circulating air throughout the space to keep the environment at the preferred temperature. Ion™ System Fan Coils have a variable speed fan in a compact unit. The QuietComfort® Series fan coils have variable or multi-speed fans in a compact unit and the Performance Series fan coils have multi- speed or fixed speed fans in a compact, vertical, multi-home and ceiling unit options.  

The evaporator coils come in a variety of options:  uncased and cased N-shaped vertical coils, cased N-shaped horizontal coils, A-shaped upflow/downflow, multi-position A coil design and slab design for horizontal left or right airflow.  The coils can be matched with an outdoor unit and provide efficient heat transfer.

The packaged products offer a variety of options in two lines:  the QuietComfort® Series and the economical Performance Series. These packaged units are made for year-round comfort with matching electric or gas heating options.  The Performance Series has options that allow for tight spaces or coastal climates that require corrosion resistant features.   

Airquest products can be paired with three thermostat options:  the Ion™ System control, which can be utilized with an internet-enabled device; a 7 day programmable thermostat with humidity control; and a weekly programmable thermostat that pairs with dual fuel systems.  

Airquest’s No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty makes it easy if a major component fails during the coverage period.  The coverage period varies based on product levels:  

  • 10 Years – Top-of-the-line products
  • 5 Years – Mid-tier products
  • 1 or 3 Years – Standard-level products

NOTE: Entry-level products do not come with a No Hassle Replacement limited warranty.