AirTemp is a company formed out of the expertise gained and utilized to build the Chrysler Building, the first fully air conditioned sky scraper, in New York City in 1930.  The brand was formed in 1934 and has achieved a reputation for leadership within the heating and cooling industry. AirTemp air-conditioned Pullman railroad cars, Chrysler automobiles and developed refrigeration equipment for use by the U.S. military hospitals during WWII.


Quality, reliability and value are the key components of the manufacturing process for AirTemp.  All products are designed, assembled and tested in North America by people who understand the need for reliable and dependable home comfort systems that also provide savings on energy.   


AirTemp is built for the American market with a support network that spans from East to West coasts.  With a one-year replacement guarantee for major components and a 10-year all-parts warranty, AirTemp strives to keep the customer happy.  Each product goes through extensive testing during assembly, including 100% computer testing. Energy-efficient options are available and the refrigerant is friendly to the environment.  


AirTemp offers air conditioners, air handlers and coils, heat pumps, oil furnaces, ductless mini-splits and package units.