Broan Manufacturing Company began in 1932 when Henry Broan developed and produced a kitchen fan in his garage.  Eventually, Broan went on to design and manufacture a wide assortment of residential HVAC products.  In 1981, Broan was acquired by Nortek Global HVAC.

Broan manufacturing facilities test every product using the Demand Flow Technology or DFT, which consists of 144 checks for each air conditioner and heat pump, 234 checks for each gas furnace and 72 checks for each packaged unit.  Broan was the first company to be DFT certified.  

Broan air conditioners are Energy Star rated for reduced energy costs and rebate eligibility, have anti-corrosion, galvanized steel jackets, operate with multiple operating stages for maximum efficiency and function with ultra quiet operations.  Models are available in 14, 15, 16 and 20 SEER and come with a 10 year all parts warranty and a 10 year quality pledge. 

Broan home gas furnaces are available in a variety of models to suit budget and comfort needs.  Some models meet the Energy Star certification and some can be paired with an outdoor unit for year round comfort.  

Broan F Model furnaces come in two stage variable or fixed speeds and single stage multiple speeds options and are up to 96% AFUE.  The K Model furnaces come in two stage fixed speed and single stage fixed and multi-speeds with up to 95% AFUE.  All come with a 10 year all parts warranty and 10 year quality pledge.  

Broan all electric heat pumps are suitable for mild weather climates where one system can handle all heating and cooling needs.  The heat pump line features Energy Star rated models, ultra quiet operations and the standard 10 year quality pledge and all parts warranty.  The three models range from 15 to 19 SEER and come with a single stage, two stage and modulating technology stage. 

Broan offers a packaged line with a variety of combinations, such as gas/electric, dual-fuel, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps. The gas/electric models provide between 14 and 20 SEER with 81% AFUE.  The dual fuel models provide 15 SEER and 81% AFUE.  The packaged air conditioners provide between 14 and 16 SEER and the packaged heat pumps up to 14 SEER.  Some models fit a small footprint if space is an issue.  

Broan also offers several additional HVAC accessories including air handler units and coils.  High efficiency, wall-mount, modular and value air handlers offer a variety of speeds and coil types and bring instant efficiency to any upgrade retrofit.  Most are made of heavy aluminum and have thick cabinet insulation for reduced noise.  The models with variable speeds provide high energy efficiency for cost savings.

Broan coils come in micro-channel and fin and tube options.  Your technician or contractor can provide specific information about a coil match for the air conditioner or heat pump. 

Broan also produces indoor air systems for manufactured homes including air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces (oil, gas and electric) and packaged equipment.  All are specifically designed and tested for use in such homes.  

The air conditioners are available in 13 and 14 SEER, the heat pump is available in 14 SEER, the furnaces are available in gas, electric or gas/oil with fixed, multi or variable speed options.  The packaged units come in air conditioners, heat pumps, gas/electric and dual fuel options. Quick connect and brazed options are available.   

Some models of split systems that include matched outdoor and indoor components, some packaged equipment and some natural gas furnace models are eligible for the Qualified Energy Property Tax Credits.  Please see the website for specific models.