The Buffalo Forge Company formed in 1878 by William Wendt and several partners.  Years later, Wendt bought out his partners and brought his brother into the business.  The company produced blacksmith tools, industrial fans, exhaust fans, power drill tools and steam engines. The main production, however, was portable forges that used lever driven fans instead of bellows to supply the air and this led to the company being a main supplier of industrial fan and air handlers.  

In 1902, one of the Buffalo Forge Company’s main engineers, Willis Carrier, developed what came to be known as modern air conditioning theory.  In 1914, Buffalo Forge Company published the first edition of fan engineering, edited by Carrier. The Ninth edition is the latest version and still considered the most complete and up-to-date text of air handling systems within the industry.  


Willis Carrier left Buffalo Forge Company in 1915 to form Carrier Engineering Corporation.  


Buffalo Forge Company was purchased by Howden Group in 1993 and in 2010 was renamed Howden North America.  In 2018, Buffalo Forge was absorbed into the Howden Amercias Region group. While no longer producing forge tools and equipment, Howden continues the manufacturing of air handling equipment, pumps and machine tools.  Howden also continues to supply Buffalo Forge design axial and centrifugal fans and will continue to service and support existing Buffalo Forge fans.