John Chambers created his brand in 1910 with his invention of the fireless cooker gas stove.  He opened his company, the Chambers company, in 1912 with manufacturing in Shelbyville, Indiana.  His invention included insulation that allowed the cook to turn off the oven before the cooking was complete.  This insulation would retain the heat which was more energy efficient and prevented overcooking. With inventions ahead of its time, Chambers produced early models of a slow cooker, smokeless broiler and griddle.  Eventually, after many acquisitions, Chambers ceased manufacturing.  


Fast forward to today and Chambers is now back in the appliance market in North America with a line of retro-style refrigerators that boast fashionable colors with high quality and efficiency. 


Stainless steel hood fans by Chambers bring a touch of refinement to any kitchen with a wide range of styles that offer invisible controls, LED lighting and perimeter venting.  These hood fans have no visible branding and thus blend seamlessly with other kitchen appliances.  


Chambers also offers many models of induction cooktops.  Induction cooktops heat the cooking vessel which shortens the amount of cooking time required.  As with the hood fans, these cooktops have no visible branding and pair with any other appliances.