ComfortStar® manufacturing facilities are recognized as a world leader in energy efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling products.  Combining more than 50 years of experience with ongoing research and development that works to create products that meet the highest standards of quality while protecting the environment, ComfortStar® is committed to providing solutions for year-round comfortable environments indoors. All ComfortStar® products have received AHRI and ETL certifications which guarantees quality workmanship and energy savings.  ComfortStar® uses R410A which is kind to the environment by reducing air pollution and depletion of the ozone layer.  

ComfortStar® offers the Inverter technology system which allows the heating and cooling system to reach and maintain the desired temperature quicker than standard compressor technology.  Inverter technology is highly efficient while operating with minimum noise output.  

ComfortStar® offers ductless split systems for single-zone and multi-zone applications for residential and light commercial locations.  Ductless systems allow for better control over a certain zone while saving space and maximizing energy savings.  Ductless split systems are especially useful in older buildings where ductwork isn’t present and would be cost-prohibitive or space-prohibitive to install.  These systems can be installed as a wall-mount or as an in-ceiling cassette type evaporator.  

Another option is to use a PTAC or a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner.  While similar to a ductless split system, installation requirements are different.  ComfortStar® offers a PTAC 89 series, with several models available.  

In addition to their heating and cooling options, ComfortStar® Air Curtain has numerous applications in retail, manufacturing and office buildings by providing a high speed air current that creates a “curtain” of protection at an entry point that reduces heat or cool air transfer, keeps the indoor air temperature stable and keeps insects and other contaminants outside.