Day & Night heating and cooling equipment is a part of the International Comfort Products division of United Technologies.  Day & Night produces EnergyStar rated systems that are energy efficient, quiet and highly reliable.  Their product line includes heat pumps, air conditioners, geothermal heat pumps, oil and gas furnaces, ductless systems, fan coils, evaporator coils, packaged systems and thermostats.  

The Ion™ System Air Conditioners offer low noise levels with excellent dehumidification for the most complete comfort. With cooling efficiency up to 19 SEER and compatibility with the Ion system control, this series provides year round cooling with maximum comfort.  The Performance Series provides efficient cooling with more budget-friendly options.  Two stage, single stage, compact design or coastal climate design are available to best match cooling needs.  

Day & Night oil and gas furnaces boast high efficiency ratings while providing maximum comfort during the winter months.  Some can even be matched with heat pumps to bring dual fuel options to the home.  Various levels of performance and cost give the customer a range of choices: the Ion™ System Gas Furnace is top of the line, while the QuietComfort® and Performance Series, available in both gas and oil fuel, offer a blend of comfort and affordability.

Ion™ System Heat Pumps and Performance Series Heat Pumps heat and cool up to 19 SEER and 11 HSPF while maximizing summer dehumidification. With compatible furnace and thermostat, these heat pumps become dual fuel capable for energy efficiency and year-round home comfort.  

Fan coils and evaporator coils enhance the heating and cooling of the outdoor units and are designed with multiple configurations to suit the needs of the space.  As with the other products, Day & Night offers these in a variety of performance and cost tiers to fit every budget. 

Ductless systems come in two options:  residential and light commercial.  Within each of these options, multiple performance and cost tiers are available.  The Deluxe Series is the most efficient and the quietest with SEER ratings up to 40 and can be configured for single zone or multi-zone. The QuietComfort® Series features SEER ratings up to 24.7 and HSPF ratings up to 11.  The Performance series has ratings up to 17 SEER and 10.6 HSPF.  Heat pump and air conditioner only options can be combined with high wall, console, ducted and cassette indoor units. 

Day & Night packaged geothermal heat pumps use the energy from the Earth to heat and cool, which translates into energy cost savings and ultra-quiet operations. The options are variable speed, multi-speed and split systems which can be matched with a furnace or fan coil indoor unit for maximum heating comfort.  

Additional packaged units include the QuietComfort® Series and Performance series that are matched with electric or gas heating products.  SEER ratings up to 16 and an efficient heating option will provide year-round comfort and low energy bills.    

Controllers make operation of all Day & Night products easy and highly manageable.  From the Ion™ System controller that pairs with a mobile app for anywhere management to the simple all-in-one thermostats with easy to use features, Day & Night can help the customer find the best match for the system and personal needs.  

Day & Night offers a standard 10 year limited warranty on all functional parts and a No Hassle Replacement limited warranty which is matched to the tier level of the product.