Dayton Electric Manufacturing Company began in 1937 with W.W. Grainger Inc. selling and promoting the Dayton brand. Dayton offered a range of furnaces and electrical supplies.  W.W. Grainger acquired Dayton in 1966 but continues to produce products with the Dayton brand name.  Grainger is a Chicago, IL based company and is a national and international leader in wholesale distribution.  

Currently, Dayton brand products include gas and oil furnaces and several air conditioning and heat pump condenser units for residential and industrial markets.   Grainger owns 16 LEED-certified facilities and is a participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project that oversees their carbon footprint.    In 2014 and 2015, Grainger was ranked number one in Fortune Magazine’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies in the category of Wholesalers. 

Dayton offers limited warranties based on the specific product, ranging from 5-20 years.