Delta Cooling Towers was founded in 1970 in New Jersey.  As the first company to manufacture a seamless, non-corrosive cooling tower, Delta began investing in new molding technologies that increased cooling capacity from 250 tons to eventually 2000 tons.  Delta also began producing air strippers, which removes volatile organic compounds from water. 

Delta’s engineered plastic cooling towers are manufactured now in West Virginia which allows Delta to handle all aspects of production, testing and storage in one location.  Applications for Delta products include comfort cooling, HVACs, process cooling for industrial purposes and power generation. Delta offers cooling towers for clients that could not otherwise afford the costs associated with standard sheet metal towers.    

In 2016, Delta introduced an anti-microbial cooling tower specifically targeting Legionnaires disease. Made from HDPE anti-microbial resin, this tower can withstand aggressive chemical treatments.  

Other products available include:  TM Series™ induced draft Cooling Towers with counter flow design, available in single unit capacities from 250 to 2,500 cooling tons; Delta’s Premier™ induced draft, counter flow, low profile cooling tower design is available in single module capacities from 250 to 500 cooling tons; Pioneer® forced draft, counter flow towers available in single module capacities from 10 to 100 cooling tons; and the Paragon induced draft towers with capacities of 55 to 250 cooling tons.  

Delta’s packaged cooling systems include:  closed-circuit systems, an evaporative system with cooling tower and pump skid station, closed-loop system with plate heat exchanger, a pump tank system and a closed-loop system with shell and tube exchanger.  

Vanguard® Air Strippers & Degassifiers, scrubbers, odor control products, chemical cleaning systems and box-style aerators are also available from Delta.