Addison is a Specified Air Solutions brand.  It is known for their innovative and semi-custom HVAC systems for industrial and commercial applications.  Addison has special expertise in the V part of HVAC: Ventilation. Addison can supply a ventilation system for almost every need. They also provide energy efficient options that can help businesses lower their annual costs.

Addison Systems

Addison’s signature packaged rooftop systems include 100% outside air systems.This means that they bring in fresh air for ventilation.  At the same time it provides efficient heating and cooling. These systems also help maintain optimal humidity levels between 35-55%. Additionally they filter the outdoor air being brought in. This removes potentially harmful particulates including dust and pollen.

Addison packaged systems come in a wide range of capacities.  The systems are tailored to meet your building’s particular needs. This customization ensures that you get all the features you need, but without paying for anything extra.

These systems arrives at your building already assembled in a weatherproof cabinet and ready to install. Addison offers installation options, such as a roof curb.  This elevates the unit and helps to protect against leaks and drafts.

For moderate climates, Addison offers air-source and water-source packaged heat pumps. They differ from many companies because they can offer packaged heat pumps for large commercial applications where others don’t.

Heat pumps provides both heating and cooling. This is using only electricity and no other fuel. Air-source heat pumps transfer heat to and from the outside air.   Water-source heat pumps transfer heat into and out of water. This means water-source heat pumps require refrigerant lines to be run through a body of water. This could involve an underground well or a pond.

In addition to packaged systems, Addison also offers split systems.  This comes with a compact, flexible air handlers that can be configured to fit in with your existing duct work.

In conclusion, Addison provides a variety of options and semi-custom systems.  These options allow them to suit a wide range of commercial and industrial needs.

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