Ariston Thermo is an Italian brand that began producing hot water heaters in the 1960s. Since then, Ariston has become internationally known for their boilers and air conditioners.  They are also known for their hot water heaters. In 2016, Ariston entered the North American HVAC market. They acquired a Canadian-based company called NY Thermal Inc. NY Thermal Inc. produces gas and oil-fired boilers.

The Ariston Brand

The Ariston brand emphasizes not only comfort and high efficiency but also design and style. Ariston aims for their products to offer user-friendly, advanced controls.  These help homeowners cut energy costs and enhance comfort.

Ariston’s Clas HE evo and E-Combi evo boilers both earned the Reader Recommended status from Good Housekeeping in 2017. 90% of readers surveyed were happy with their Ariston boiler’s performance.  84% said the controls were very user-friendly. These boilers are gas-powered. They offer both home and hot-water heating in one sleek unit.


Ariston Thermo offers a wide range of products. Some may not all be available in North America yet. They offer condensing wall-hung boilers like the Clas HE evo.  Ariston also offers conventional wall-hung boilers and high-power wall-hung condensing boilers. Some of these boilers can be used with Ariston’s solar thermal water heating systems.

Water Heaters

Ariston offers a wide range of different types of water heaters. Ariston has a solar thermal water heater.  They also offer air-sourced water heaters that use a heat pump to transfer heat from the air into the water.

Ariston has more conventional electric water heaters as well as gas-powered water heaters. Their gas-powered water heaters include conventional storage water heaters and instantaneous water heaters.  These heat the water as you use it, instead of holding the pre-heated water in a tank.

Finally, Ariston Thermo produces a line of ductless air conditioning units.  These are designed for high efficiency and maximum comfort. So their products can keep you comfortable all year round.

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