Since 1939, the Biasi heating company in Verona, Italy, has been building its global reputation for producing high-quality radiators and boilers. In recent years, Biasi has partnered with an American company, Quincy Hydronic Technology, to bring high-performance heating equipment to the United States.

Biasi boilers are known for their multi-pass design, which is significantly more energy-efficient and uses less water than the traditional single-pass boiler. In fact, a three-pass Biasi boiler uses about 30-40% less energy than a single-pass boiler to produce the same amount of home heating. That can add up to major savings on your monthly bills!

Additionally, the three-pass design allows the Biasi boiler to heat faster, so there’s less waiting for the house to warm up or for hot water at your faucet. Increased comfort along with increased efficiency is always a winning combination.

Many Biasi boilers are also designated as “Low NOx.” This means that they produce less dangerous nitrogen oxide gas emissions than standard boilers. Nitrogen oxide gases are pollutants that contribute to respiratory problems, acid rain, and other environmental problems.

Low NOx boilers pre-mix their fuel with air before burning in order to optimize the ratio of oxygen and fuel. This extra step allows the boiler to use a lower flame and to burn cleaner. That makes the unit more efficient as well as less polluting.

One of the most efficient Biasi boilers is the RIVA Advance, a wall-mounted, Energy Star certified gas boiler with a rating of 93% AFUE. The RIVA can run on either propane or natural gas. Models that provide heat only and heat plus hot water are available.

The RIVA Advance can modulate its heat output from 28,800 all the way up to 112,500 BTU/HR. And it has several safety features, including a safety flow switch, a blocked flue pressure switch, and circulator protection for when the boiler is idle. Plus, the RIVA Advance comes with a 2-year complete warranty and a 10-year warranty on the primary heat exchanger.

Together, QHT and Biasi have brought high-performance, high-efficiency boilers from Italy to the American household.