Bryant Heating and Cooling is a brand with over 100 years of history. Founded in 1904, the company grew into one of the top U.S. manufacturers of gas boilers in the 1930s. More recently, the Bryant brand became part of the United Technologies Corporation, which also owns Carrier. Throughout its long history, Bryant has been known for hard-working, reliable equipment and dedication to customer satisfaction. As a UTC brand, Bryant continues that legacy of excellence today.


In 2014, Consumer Reports reviewed the nine most popular HVAC brands, collecting responses from 55,000 readers and hundreds of HVAC contractors. Consumer Reports then ranked top HVAC brands based on their frequency of repair. Bryant air conditioning systems and heat pumps both ranked near the top of the list for reliability, missing the top spot by only 1-2 percentage points each. In fact, Bryant’s air conditioners were ranked as more reliable than Carrier’s!


Several of Bryant’s Evolution Series heat pumps have also won the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy award. And their Evolution Extreme Variable Speed heat pump won the 2014 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Model award.


Bryant offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of every homeowner. Their basic Legacy Line heat pumps, air conditioners, and gas furnaces provide dependable heating and cooling at a very affordable price. And even in the Legacy Line, higher efficiency options are available, including a 95% AFUE gas furnace and 16 SEER air conditioners.


The mid-range Preferred Series offers quieter operation and potentially higher efficiency, including two-stage compressors in some models. The top of the line is Bryant’s Evolution Series. Evolution gas furnaces offer two-stage and modulating gas valves, with efficiency ratings as high as 98% AFUE.


Evolution Series heat pumps and air conditioners offer two-stage and variable-speed compressors with inverter technology for high efficiency and quieter operation, with sound ratings as low as 56 decibels. Bryant’s Evolution Extreme Variable Speed heat pump has an exceptional SEER rating of 20.5 and a 13 HSPF, meaning that’s highly efficient all year long.


Overall, Bryant Heating and Cooling is a trusted brand that provides hard-working, efficient, and reliable HVAC systems with plenty of options to fit your home and budget.