The Burnham company has been in the boiler business since 1873, with facilities located at the same address in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for almost one hundred years. Today, Burnham Commercial continues its proud tradition of designing, manufacturing, and assembling all of its products here in the United States, both in Pennsylvania and at the Casting Solutions facility in Zanesville, Ohio.

Burnham’s engineering department uses high-tech, state-of-the-art programs to model and design their products. Their research and development team conducts rigorous safety and performance tests on every new product before it’s released. This commitment to quality produces more efficient and reliable systems.

Burnham Commercial demonstrates this same commitment in its manufacturing processes. Highly trained operators use modern, up-to-date machinery to ensure that every boiler section is precision machined and correctly assembled. Their Quality Control team and Customer Care Center help to ensure both short-term and long-term customer satisfaction. Burnham stands behind its products with warranties ranging up to ten years in length.

Burnham Commercial boilers include many features designed to enhance efficiency and reliability. This includes their use of deluxe insulated jackets. When a Burnham Commercial system was installed at the historic Hershey “High Point” Mansion, the temperature in the boiler room dropped 30 degrees from its previous temperature, thanks to the four-inch insulation blankets on the new Burnham boilers.

Other high-quality features of the Burnham Commercial boilers include their use of cast iron nipples that resist heat degradation instead of gaskets. Their special cast iron formula has a higher silicon content, which makes Burnham’s iron stronger, better able to transfer heat, and more flexible than the iron used by other boiler companies.

The high quality, reliability, and flexibility of Burnham Commercial’s products has led to them being used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. In addition to designing and installing a new boiler system for the historic Hershey family mansion in Pennsylvania, Burnham has also provided an updated system for the historic Breakers mansion in Rhode Island, a 70-room mansion originally owned by the Vanderbilt family.

In addition to heating historic mansions, Burnham Commercial’s systems have also been used to power craft breweries and whiskey distilleries. There doesn’t seem to be much that a Burnham Commercial boiler can’t do!