Central Boiler is a home-grown company that started in a Minnesota workshop in 1984. From that workshop, Central Boiler has grown into a corporation with a 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility and thousands of systems currently in use, heating both homes and businesses. Central Boiler’s outdoor furnaces can heat your home or other building using a variety of fuels, without being connected to the utility grid.

A Central Boiler outdoor furnace is a free-standing unit installed outside of your home. Different Central Boiler furnaces use different types of fuel. The Classic Edge and E-Classic furnaces burn wood, while the Maxim uses wood pellets or corn and the Forge burns coal.

The fuel is burned to heat water, which then travels into your home through an insulated pipeline buried underground. There it runs through a heat exchanger connected to your hot water heater, providing you with hot water for your household needs.

Then the heated water from the outdoor furnace goes on to your existing heating system. It can be adapted to work with any existing system, including forced air, radiant floor heating, or another boiler.

The cooled water travels back to the outdoor furnace, where it’s reheated and circulated again. If you have an outdoor workshop, detached garage, or other building that also needs heat, it can be connected to the same outdoor furnace unit, too.

Central Boiler was founded in a place where the winter temperatures drop as low as 60 degrees below zero, so it’s designed to keep your home warm and comfortable even under extreme winter conditions.

Since the Central Boiler furnace is located outdoors, it reduces the fire hazard for your home compared to indoor wood-burning furnaces, and it won’t affect your indoor air quality the way the indoor wood burning can. Plus, it’s less messy and allows you to burn larger pieces of wood, decreasing the amount of time you have to spend preparing and loading fuel.

Overall, the Central Boiler outdoor furnace is an innovative and efficient way to heat your home, even in the worst winter conditions.