The name Daikin might not be as familiar to you as Carrier or Trane, but did you know that Daikin is actually the world’s number one air conditioning company? Over the past 90 years, they’ve installed literally millions of systems in over 140 countries. While Daikin started in Japan, today they’re manufacturing HVAC units right here in the United States. Daikin has made a name for themselves here and around the world as a leader in technological innovation and comfort.


Unlike most other HVAC manufacturers, Daikin builds many of its major components in-house. That includes manufacturing most of their own compressors and even their own refrigerants. Manufacturing these components themselves allows Daikin to maintain extremely high standards for training their workers and testing their products.


Because of their confidence in their products, Daikin is able to offer outstanding warranties on them, including a 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty and even 6-12 Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranties, depending on the model.


Daikin leads the way in technological innovation to enhance comfort and improve efficiency. They invented the Variable Refrigerant Volume technology that has been adopted by many other HVAC manufacturers. And they helped to create the R410-a refrigerant that’s now used in all new air conditioners and heat pumps in the U.S. They’re also a leader in the development and use of inverter technology.


Daikin’s variable speed compressors with inverter technology allow for the most precise control of air conditioner and heat pump capacity, making their HVAC systems more efficient and better at maintaining an exact temperature for improved comfort. Because of this technological innovation, Daikin is able to offer air conditioners with SEER ratings as high as 24.5!


In addition to offering ducted central heat and air conditioning units, Daikin offers the option of ductless mini-split heat pumps and ACs. Daikin’s ductless mini-splits are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. due to their extra high efficiency and ability to work as a zoned system. They’re also popular for homeowners who wish to add heating or cooling to previously unconditioned spaces, like finished basements, sunrooms, or garages.


Overall, Daikin is a brand with a reputation around the world for excellence, efficiency, and technological innovation. They’re leading the HVAC industry into the future!