Over one hundred years ago, in 1907, a company called Dornback Hardware and Plumbing was founded. As time went on, the plumbing business began installing boilers. By 1939, they eventually built a foundry that produced repair parts for coal-fired furnaces.

They soon became a furnace supplier for the famous Sears Roebuck Co. Those furnaces were sold under the brand name Homart from the late 1940s through the 1960s. They were very well-built. There are reports of some Homart furnaces still being in use as of 2013!

Made in America

The Dornback Furnace division in located in Garfield Heights, Ohio. For several decades they have  produced a wide range of products.  These include oil and gas-fired furnaces, infrared heaters, electronic air cleaners, air conditioners, and humidifiers. In 1992, Dornback was acquired by Adams Manufacturing. They continue to sell furnaces under the Dornback brand name.

One of the more unusual products developed by Dornback is the UNI-PAK Waste Oil Burning Heater. This heater recycles used oils to produce heat. These oils include crank case and gear oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids, and cooking oils.

Unlike other waste oil heaters, Dornback’s UNI-PAK doesn’t require routine disassembly for deep cleaning. This makes it more user-friendly. And it’s up to 90% efficient, with a 20 year warranty on the oil heater block.

Dornback developed and sold five lines of furnaces. They are the Highboy Series, Horizontal Series, Counterflow Series, Lowboy Series, and Gravity Gas Furnaces. All of these come in a range of sizes. Larger sizes had two-stage firing available. Air conditioning packages could be added to these furnaces. This is to provide both heating and cooling.

Dornback’s electronic air cleaners were sold under the name Aire-Guard. Aire-Guard is known for their whole-house air cleaners that were installed in the central HVAC system. Dornback also produces portable air cleaners and self-contained ceiling-mounted air cleaners.