Evcon was born in 1990. The Beacon Capital Corporation purchased Coleman’s HVAC division and named the new company Evcon Industries. A few years later, Evcon Industries was acquired by UPG. They ultimately began producing HVAC products under both the Evcon and Coleman names.

All of Evcon’s residential gas furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners are manufactured in their state-of-the-art 1.5 million square foot facility in Wichita, Kansas. At this facility, they manufacture Evcon’s residential products and perform accelerated life testing to ensure that those products will be both durable and efficient.

Evcon products are known for having durability and efficiency. Evcon aims to provide homeowners with heating and cooling solutions at a budget-friendly, affordable price. They offer basic HVAC units that meet the current federal minimum efficiency requirements, as well as a few higher efficiency options.

For instance, Evcon offers split system air conditioners that range from 13 SEER up to 17 SEER. Most models are actually 14 SEER. 14 SEER is the minimum efficiency rating allowed for split system air conditioners in the Southeastern U.S.

Evcon only offer one model of split system heat pump, which has a 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF rating. Again, this meets the minimum efficiency requirement for split heat pumps.

In gas furnaces,  Evcon offers standard 80% AFUE models, which meet the minimum efficiency requirement for the Southeastern U.S. But Evcon also offers higher efficiency 96% AFUE models. For enhanced comfort and efficiency, they have models with two-stage operation.

For those who prefer a packaged unit, Evcon offers four different combination. These are air conditioner only, air conditioner with gas furnace, heat pump, and a dual fuel option that includes an air conditioner, a heat pump, and a gas furnace. All of these models meet the current federal minimum efficiency requirements for packaged units.

Evcon stands behind their split air conditioners and heat pumps with 10 year parts and 10 year compressor limited warranties. Their gas furnaces come with either 20 year or Lifetime limited warranties on the heat exchanger.

Like Coleman, Evcon also produces compact heating and cooling equipment specifically designed for manufactured homes.

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