In 1890, the famous inventor Thomas Edison established his Edison General Electric Company. Twelve years later, that company merged with a competitor, the Thomson-Houston Company, to become General Electric.

For over 100 years, General Electric has been one of the most highly-respected brands in America. GE first got involved in the HVAC business in the 1890s, building electric fans.

More recently, in 2016, the GE Appliances division, which produces GE air conditioners and humidifiers along with many other products, was acquired by one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers, Qingdao Haier.

However, GE Appliances still has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and a manufacturing facility right here in the Tennessee Valley, in Decatur, Alabama.

For residential use, GE has a line of room air conditioners, including both window-mounted and wall-mounted units. Despite being called air conditioners, some of these units are capable of both heating and cooling.

GE’s premium window unit, the GE 230 Volt Electronic Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner, produces 24,000 BTU, with an efficiency rating of 9.4 EER. And it has a three-speed fan for better control over comfort.

On the commercial side, GE produces the Zoneline series of room air conditioners. There are Zoneline Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) as well as Zoneline Vertical Air Conditioners. These are primarily used in hotels, motels, assisted living facilities, and multi-family homes.

GE was involved in the development of air conditioners for the hospitality industry from the beginning, back in the 1950s. Hotels wanted standardized equipment so that guests would know what to expect.

Today, GE’s Zoneline PTACs are produced at the GE manufacturing facility in Kentucky, with a strong emphasis on quality, efficiency, and safety. According to GE, Zonelines are known as the quietest PTACs in the industry, and because hotel owners trust GE’s testing and manufacturing, there are millions of GE Zonelines installed today.

In addition to residential and commercial air conditioners, GE also produces room dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers are Energy Star Qualified, and they can remove up to 70 pints of water from the air per day.