The Gibson brand may not be as familiar as some other household HVAC names, but it’s been around for over 100 years. It started in 1908, when Frank Gibson bought the Belding-Hall Company.

Back then, Gibson specialized in manufacturing the outer cabinets for the earliest electric refrigerators. The company went on to invent the first auto-shutoff lights for refrigerators.

Today, Gibson is part of the Nortek Global HVAC family, which includes other well-known and respected brands like Maytag and Frigidaire. Gibson emphasizes value, aiming to supply dependable residential HVAC systems at a budget-friendly price.

To ensure dependability, every Gibson unit is tested in the factory using their patented Demand Flow Technology process. And Gibson stands behind the quality of their central HVAC products with a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Gibson offers split air conditioners, split heat pumps, gas furnaces, and packaged systems, as well as ductless mini and multi-splits. Due to their emphasis on value, Gibson primarily offers HVAC systems that meet or slightly exceed the minimum federal efficiency requirements, although they do have some higher rated furnaces available.

For instance, in split air conditioners and heat pumps, Gibson offers 14 SEER and 16 SEER models. The 16 SEER heat pump does include a two-stage compressor, which increases efficiency and allows for longer run times. That can help to decrease humidity and keep inside temperatures more stable.

In gas furnaces, Gibson offers both standard 80% AFUE furnaces as well as higher efficiency furnaces up to 95% AFUE. And they have single-stage and two-stage models at both the higher and lower ends. Again, the two-stage model allows longer run times, enhancing efficiency and comfort.

Gibson also offers packaged units, including both large footprint and small footprint heat pump packaged systems as well as a gas pack with air conditioner and gas furnace. These air conditioners and heat pumps are all 14 SEER.

Finally, Gibson offers a wide range of mini- and multi-split ductless options. The premium system is their -22F Temperature Heat Pump, which has efficiency ratings as high as 30.5 SEER and 10.5 HSPF.