While the name Haier isn’t a household one in the United States, the China-based Haier Group is actually one of the world’s leading manufacturers of major appliances. They expanded further into the U.S. market in 2016 by acquiring General Electric’s appliance division.

Today, Haier produces a variety of HVAC products for both residential and light commercial needs. These include multi- and single-zone ductless systems, the MRV-S system designed for commercial needs, window units, wall units, and portable air conditioners.

Haier’s HVAC equipment is designed and tested at their 222,000 square foot Haier Air Conditioning R&D Center, completed in 2013. At their R&D center, they perform tests for safety, reliability, and comfort, and they study methods for reducing noise and increasing efficiency.

Haier’s R&D Center is also home to the world’s tallest structure for testing refrigerant lines. This helped them design and build their MRV-S Series for commercial use. This system is able to work for large, multi-story buildings, thanks to its 984 ft. refrigerant line length. The MRV-S outdoor unit is even able to support up to nine indoor units.

For residential ductless heating and cooling, Haier offers the FlexFit Multi-Zone Series. These systems can include 2-4 inside units, allowing you to create and individually control up to four zones within your home. The inside units come in three different designs to fit your home’s needs and design: wall mount, compact cassette, and slim duct.

With its 5F Ambient Heating, the FlexFit is able to heat efficiently even when the outside temperatures are very cold. And the warm start feature keeps the inside units from blowing cold air when they first turn on in heating mode.

For humid weather, there’s a Dry Mode that specifically works to dehumidify the air. The units can even switch automatically between heating and cooling in order to keep the temperature stable. That could really come in handy in the spring and fall when you often need heat at night and air conditioning during the day!