Daikin’s air handlers and evaporator coils provide efficient and reliable comfort when correctly matched with the appropriate Daikin whole-house heat pumps and air conditioners.

Why Do I Need an Air Handler or Evaporator Coils?

In a “split” HVAC system, there are two units—the outside unit and the inside unit. The outside unit is either the heat pump or the air conditioner. It contains the condensing coils and the compressor.

The inside unit is the air handler. The air handler contains the blower, which is responsible for circulating the air through the ducts of the home.

The air handler also contains a set of evaporator coils. Refrigerant runs from the outside unit into the evaporator coils, where it works to transfer heat either into or out of the house, depending on whether the HVAC system is heating or cooling.

If you have a split air conditioner paired with a gas furnace, then the blower in the furnace generally acts as the air handler for the air conditioner as well. However, you still need to add a set of evaporator coils, which usually sit on top of the furnace.

Matching the System

Daikin’s air handlers and evaporator coils come in a variety of models and sizes so that they can be matched precisely with your heat pump or air conditioner. For instance, some air handlers are compatible with systems up to 3 tons, while others are compatible with systems as large as 5 tons.

The type of blower motor makes a big difference when choosing the best air handler for your system as well. Daikin’s air handlers for systems up to 16 SEER generally have single-speed or two-speed motors. On the other hand, Daikin has special air handlers designed to match with their highest SEER units with inverter technology. These air handlers have variable-speed motors so they can keep up with Daikin’s extremely efficient variable-speed compressors.

If the system isn’t properly matched, it won’t be able to achieve the expected efficiency of the chosen heat pump or air conditioner. Our Comfort Consultants can help you choose the best air handler and evaporating coils to go with your new Daikin heat pump or air conditioner unit.