Lennox began over one hundred years ago, in 1895, when inventor Dave Lennox developed the first riveted-steel furnace. Since then, Lennox has achieved many other firsts in the HVAC industry. Today, they offer a full range of HVAC equipment, including ultra-high efficiency gas furnaces and air conditioners.

Lennox’s history of innovation is impressive. After producing the first riveted-steel furnace, the Lennox company went on to develop forced-air furnaces in the 1930s, ultimately building the first forced-air furnace designed to be installed in a home’s attic or crawlspace. It was appropriately called the “Stowaway”!

Other firsts from Lennox include the first residential perimeter heating system in 1950 and the first electronically controlled, variable speed air handler in 1978. That same year, Lennox also introduced the first solar-powered air conditioners.

Lennox went on to lead the industry in energy-efficiency, developing the first high-efficiency gas furnace in 1982 and the first air conditioner with a SEER 15 rating in 1984. They continued to lead the way in air conditioning efficiency in the following decades, ultimately introducing the first air conditioner with a 20+ SEER rating in 2005.

The most recent big innovation from Lennox is the development of the Sun Source comfort system in 2009. It’s the first solar-assisted central heat pump. This gives homeowners the option to rely partially on solar power for heating and cooling without having to install a full solar-power system in their home.

While Lennox offers a full range of HVAC equipment, their premium flagship is the Ultimate Comfort System. This total HVAC system incorporates Lennox’s highest-efficiency air conditioner and gas furnace along with their iComfort Smart Thermostat, their iHarmony Zoning System, and their PureAir whole-house air purifier.

Lennox’s premium gas furnace, the SLP98V, incorporates a variable speed blower motor and modulating gas valves to achieve a very high 98.7% AFUE efficiency rating. The variable heating capacity also enhances comfort through precise temperature control.

Likewise, Lennox’s premium central air conditioner, the XC25, utilizes a variable-speed compressor so that, when matched with an appropriate air handler, it can achieve an incredible efficiency rating of up to 26 SEER. Again, this enhances comfort as well as efficiency by keeping indoor temperatures under precise control.