PB Heat is the company that manufactures Peerless branded boilers. According to PB Heat’s Executive Vice President, Peter J. Morgan, Peerless boilers are “American made by American Craftsmen and Women.” Peerless offers both residential and commercial boilers, including high-efficiency residential models that are Energy Star certified.

Peerless aims to provide high value and quality to customers. They stand behind their boilers with what they call their “Complete Warranty Program.” While many other boiler manufacturers offer pro-rated warranties, Peerless states that they offer “full cost” warranties that cover up to the full original cost of the boiler.

On the commercial side, Peerless offers oil, gas, and gas/oil combination boilers. In terms of venting, they have forced draft, natural draft, and direct vent options available.

For instance, their Series CC commercial boilers can fire gas, oil, or a combination of the two, achieving efficiencies of up to 84.6% thanks to its high efficiency power burners and forced draft venting. And it can provide both space heating and domestic hot water. Series CC boilers come in ten different sizes to fit a range of commercial applications.

On the residential side, Peerless offers both gas and oil-fired boilers, with either natural draft or direct venting. At least six of their residential lines have models with Energy Star certification.

For example, the Peerless Purefire Residential Boiler is a high-efficiency gas boiler with Energy Star certification. It can achieve up to 95% AFUE. A fully modulating gas burner helps to maximize efficiency.

In addition to saving energy, the Purefire is environmentally friendly because of its LoNOx emissions. It’s easy to use thanks to a modern LCD control board. And it comes with a one year parts and labor warranty (with registration) plus a 12 year limited warranty on the heat exchanger.

The Purefire comes in six different sizes for residential use. Plus, there’s a commercial version that comes in three sizes as well.