When you hear the name Samsung, you probably don’t think of HVAC equipment. But the same Samsung brand that brings you high-def televisions, smartphones, and refrigerators also offers lines of residential and commercial HVAC products.

Samsung HVAC was founded in 1998 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics in 2014. In their HVAC division, Samsung strives to achieve the same reputation for technological innovation and dependability that they have in other industries.

For residential purposes, Samsung offers a line of ductless mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners. These high-efficiency units allow for multi-zone heating and cooling, with up to five indoor units connected to a single Free Joint Multi or Free Joint Multi Max Heat outside unit.

The Free Joint Multi Max Heat heat pump is EnergyStar listed. It can provide high heating capacity even when outside temperatures drop as low as -13F. Samsung stands behind their FJM units with a 10 year compressor and parts warranty as well as a 1 year limited labor warranty. In addition to the FJM Max Heat, some of the Samsung indoor units are EnergyStar labeled too.

Each indoor unit can be set to its own thermostat temperature and runs only when necessary, allowing you to save energy and ensure comfort in every room. This individualized zoning helps to solve common issues like upstairs bedrooms that are too warm. It can also be useful when adding new conditioned square footage to an existing home.

Samsung’s residential air conditioning units use inverter technology, which allow000s the compressor to adjust to exactly the speed needed to most efficiently cool your home. For instance, this means that the air conditioner can run at max speed on a hot afternoon, but cut back to 15% capacity during the night. This helps to keep temperatures stable for increased comfort too.